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Moustachine Classic Linen Classic Red™

Moustachine Classic Linen Classic Red™

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The Moustachine Classic Linen Classic Red Medium™ is perfect for organization, planning, sketching, or journaling. Seamlessly combining functionality and style, this gem is essential in your creative arsenal. Its timeless classic red linen cover stands out with a professional design. The exquisite 70-gr acid-free ivory-colored pages invite you to capture your most important notes, reminders, or ideas. Choose from different sizes and create your own collection. We use 40% recycled materials and 100% sustainable principles in production. Grab a notebook from a year ago and see how what was once the future is now the past.

  • Bound linen cover
  • Hardcover
  • Pocket size: 192 pages
  • Medium size: 240 pages
  • Large size: 240 pages
  • 70 gr. ivory-colored acid-free paper
  • Sustainable materials and production
  • High-end design
  • Durable
  • Distinctive bookmark ribbon and elastic band
  • Expandable pocket
  • Number of Products: 1 unit

Designed in Brooklyn, New York. Handcrafted in-house in Lima, Peru.

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