our purpose

Embrace the power of creativity with moustachine.

We take immense pride in crafting durable products that accompany you on your journey, residing on your bookshelf as cherished mementos of past inspirations. Reach back in time, pick up a notebook from a year ago, and witness the seeds of your creativity planted in the past - now flourishing in the present.

At Moustachine, we believe that everything starts on a piece of paper. We make to-do lists, cross them out, write about our dreams, design our future, plan out next moves, and get to know our fears.

Moustachine is not just a brand. It's your creative tool for turning dreams into reality. Join us on this transformative journey where functionality, quality, and innovative design come together to amplify your creative potential.



As manufacturers, we at Moustachine are fully committed to ethical practices. The notebooks are 100% hand crafted in-house in Lima, Peru. Sustainability is our number one priority, and the complete chain of production is ethically sourced. Our notebooks come from 40% recycled and 100% sustainable materials. Lastly, we give back by donating a portion of “our” proceeds to schools in Peru to help fight illiteracy. We also support the arts by donating notebooks to the world renowned Contemporary Museum of Lima—MALI.

At Moustachine, we constantly push our own limits with the sole purpose of continuously improving and evolving toward our next best version.

Our purpose at Moustachine is to positively impact society by designing a creative tool that materializes your dreams and aspirations.



Moustachine's premium line of notebooks and accessories brings together sustainability, functionality, and design. These state-of-the-art products are meticulously crafted to empower the most discerning and creative individuals

We conscientiously source raw materials from well-managed forests, adhering to the highest sustainability principles. Our materials are not merely sustainable. We use 40% recycled and 100% sustainability-compliant materials. We specialize in eco-friendly linen covers, which require 40% less energy than cotton cloths and even less than oil-based materials. We create products designed to last a lifetime, minimizing our environmental footprint.

Social responsibility

At Moustachine Premium Notebooks, we ardently believe that education is the cornerstone of eradicating poverty. This is why we are resolutely committed to active collaboration with under-resourced schools and children living in rural areas of Peru. Our contribution to educating the next generation is our investment in shaping a brighter future for all.