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We emotionally connect the value of your brand with your stakeholders

Why give a Moustachine notebook as a gift?

We often receive corporate gifts that we rarely use or don’t at all, gifts that simply do not match our lifestyle or our interests. This represents a problem for the company investing its time and resources in reaching its customers. By sending a Moustachine notebook you are using the right platform to connect the value of your brand with your client’s goals, plans, and emotions. Send an exclusive and customized notebook with your Company’s logo and your customer’s name on it to reinforce that bond.

Moustachine saves you money Invest in a lasting marketing tool that your stakeholders will love and use, almost daily. Let our experts take charge of the design for free. They will ensure you get your brand swag fast and with the highest quality standards. We provide a free-risk guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied we will give you a full refund. Take no risks with your investments!

Moustachine saves you timeDo it all remotely, from the comfort of your home, office, home office, or where ever in nature you are located. We will send you a sample and assign a representative to walk you through the process.

Moustachine helps grow your brandEven the most exclusive of your stakeholders will enjoy your branded notebook, while they connect emotionally with your brand's value when using it. A Moustachine notebook customized with a logo, image, or message, our notebooks will become a distinct, effective, and lasting marketing platform for your brand.

“We love Moustachine notebooks, we consider them high-end, useful, and the perfect platform to connect our brand with our customers. We were guided seamlessly throughout the process and got a final premium product that exceeded all our expectations.”

Melissa Yi CRM – iStore (Kenzo o Doni)

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