why we do it

At Moustachine we believe that everything starts on a piece of paper. This is where we draw, plan, and outline the blueprint of what we will later transform into reality. We make to-do lists, cross them out and keep going, on to our next goal. We write poems, stories, and concepts that one day will change our history and one of the others as well.

How we do it

As manufacturers, we are fully committed to society, the environment, and all parties involved in the production of our products.

As creators, we constantly push our limits with the sole purpose of continuously improving and evolving towards our next best version. 

As part of a greater whole, our purpose is to positively impact society by providing a creative tool that lets dreams come true.

what we do 

Our premium line of notebooks and accessories explores the equation between sustainability, functionality, and design, to put these state-of-the-art products in the hands of the most demanding and creative people.

Social impact

At Moustachine Premium Notebooks™, we believe that education is the cornerstone to eradicating poverty, which is why we are committed to actively collaborating with under-resourced schools and kids living in rural areas of Peru. This is our contribution to educating the next generation so that they can shape a brighter future for all.

Environmental impact

We work with raw materials from well-managed forests, based on the principles of sustainability. All our materials are 100% sustainable and certified, and 40% are recycled. We specialize in linen covers, which require 50% less energy than cotton in its production. We make products that will last a lifetime, reducing environmental impact to a minimum.